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VA2 Solutions was built on the prediction that some day in the not-too-distant-future, the way businesses manage their day-to-day tasks, hire staff, and get the word out would drastically change. The tried and true 9 to 5, punch the clock model could someday become a thing of the past, and traditional business would be forced to adapt.


We wanted to give even the new businesses being born into this world a safety net to be confident that while they were out hustling, everything back home was being taken care of, and they would always have access to the latest information and resources. We created a system, originally with start-ups in mind, that would allow businesses to get the most crucial (and often most tedious) tasks accomplished, no matter what was going on in the world at a price they could always afford. We designed our whole model based on custom solutions, rather than cookie-cutter options which wouldn't be able to keep up with modern business, and took on the entire burden of overhead costs so our clients wouldn't have to-everything was remote. Businesses helping businesses, families helping families.

In 2020, our predictions came true-even the most prominent and well-established businesses found themselves scrambling to catch up as their doors were closed, and their ability to find or replace staff almost completely taken away. It was like starting at square one all over again for many businesses, with clarity for the future being foggy at best. But now, the transformation of modern business has begun, and we're proud to partner with so many new and surviving businesses looking for the time-tested and proven Remote Operations Management team that can help them strap in and get back in the race!

How We Got Started...